Health Affirmations – Quickly Improve Your Life


Affirmation statements -we hear them spoken often by motivational speakers, authors, writers etc., but what can we personally do to harness the power of affirmations in our own lives?

Think about a time in your life when you desired to make a change ” something major, like finding a new job, moving to a new city or home, or something less momentous like a New Years resolution to improve your overall health. Can you think of a past experience like that? Now, think about the tools that you used or steps that you took to help guide you through that transition and keep you focused on achieving your goals while making that change.

These tools in effect, involved you setting in motion a series of events to accomplish the goals you’d set out for yourself, and one of the easiest ways to achieve success is to create affirmations.

Affirmations keep you focused on whats important to you and help you achieve positive thinking. Basically it is a declaration that something is already true and has come to fruition in your life in that present time. You have to believe what you are looking to achieve has already arrived in order for it to show up in your life.

If your desire is to create personal well-being, first choose a phrase that describes what you desire. For example, if you desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle, then your affirmation statement could say, I feel good and look good when I live a healthy lifestyle. Or I enjoy the great feelings I get from exercising daily. Short powerful statements are more focused and work much better to bring about results than long, drawn-out paragraphs.

There are some rules to follow when creating health affirmation that i will like to share with you.

1: The phrase must be in the present tense, such as I feel good, as opposed to I will feel good which implies that at some point in the future you might achieve your goal. Remember to phrase your affirmation as if your desire

2: The statement must always be written from a positive perspective, instead of a negative one. For example, you wouldn’t say I don’t feel good when I am not healthy as this places your health – which you are trying to change ” in a negative context. Always phrase your affirmation statement in a positive context and in the present tense.

3: Repeat often. After you create an affirmation, write it down on something that you can keep with you and place it somewhere that you look at often throughout your day such as on your bathroom mirror or your desk at work. Make sure that you read your affirmation statements as many times during your day as possible.

Studies have shown that using the power of affirmations can lower stress and I have found this to be true in my own life. When I get clear about what I want in my life and focus on my desires with affirmations every day, I am more content and peaceful. What we focus on grows, so the more you focus your attention on your affirmations, the more likely you are to create positive changes in your life and achieve your dreams.

Using the power behind affirmations can truly change your life for the better. Put this into practice this week by writing down three short affirmations about three areas you’d like to make positive changes in your life. Be sure to state your desires in the present tense and in a positive way. Practice repeating these statements as many times as you can for 7 days and see what wonderful changes reveal themselves in your life.