How to Use Affirmations – Balance Your Chakras


How can balancing your chakras be as simple as using the power of positive affirmations? It’s all to do with what energy is, and how it can be used to heal your life on a number of levels.

Blockages to the energy flow through your chakras are caused by the quality of the vibrations of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. If these are negative and destructive then they can impact on how your chakras function.

Your chakras can be thrown out of balance in a number of ways. They can become underactive, that is they can shrink and will be smaller than their optimum size, or enlarged and overactive. They can also become discoloured, muddy, or with dark patches within them.

If your chakras are ‘misfiring’ in any way then you’ll be cutting yourself off from the full source and flow of the Universal, lifeforce energy and as a result chronic illness, disease and other problems will manifest in your life sooner or later.

This kind of damage can be done over extended periods of time, many years in some cases, as negative thoughts attract negative thoughts and build negative beliefs. Patterns build up and you may not even know it’s going on, because it can be an insidious process.

The patterns of thoughts and beliefs which poison your chakras are transparent. They work in the background, affecting your physical health, your emotions as well as the people and circumstances you attract into your life. It may seem that no matter what you try to do to rectify any given situation, nothing works. You always end up back at square on

The clue as to how you can set about balancing your chakras and healing by energy is through affirmation. Those negative beliefs were rooted by thought energy can be dissolved by daily positive affirmation to help balance you chakras. Repeating the following positive affirmation a daily is the best idea balancing your chakras. You need to practice this affirmation repeatedly for it to be effective:

I am connected to my Divine/Source energy

I am loving and compassionate

I appreciate my body and treat it with respect

I draw in vitality

I honor my body and its needs.

I feel my emotions and I am connected to my center of well being,

I honor my emotions as they are my internal guide.

I reach out to the world in healthy ways

I am nourished by healthy relationships

I establish healthy boundaries.

I have a healthy relationship to my body and to food.

I am grateful.

I honor and appreciate the energies of these chakras in my life. I am connected to Source/Divine energy.

I radiate good health and wellbeing.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

This simply means getting into a relaxed state, focusing on each of your chakras in turn and affirming filling them with the colour of their vibrational level – that is, red for the root chakra, orange for the sacral, yellow for the solar plexus, green for the heart, blue for the throat, indigo for the third-eye and violet for the crown.

Chakras healing is using the energy of your consciousness – your thoughts and affirmations- to shine a light on the dark areas within them and to shift and dissolve the blockages. Once you do this and get the life-force energy flowing properly again you can reap improvements in every area of your life.


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